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Fitness Instructor
My name is Noha and I’m from Egypt.
When I was in university, I worked and studied at the same time. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Physical Education.
In 2009, I started working in the fitness field. I got certified as a masseuse, nutritionist and fitness instructor. My focus was on helping people lose weight and gain muscle, as well as making sure they improve their fitness level on a whole. My clients ranged from the age of 7 to 60 years old.
I worked in many different places to make sure I get as much experience as I can. I always try to be a role model for my clients, making sure I take care of my body and eat healthy, etc. I want to help people achieve their goals to get a better body, life and health.
I started working in Qatar in 2014 as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor teaching Step, Circuit Training and Cardio.
For one to reach their goal, it’s a combination between nutrition and workout programs. I’m always positive and sure that I can help people.
  • Coach C2-i-Ladies
  • Egypt
  • Arabic