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Fitness Instructor
My name is Murad and I’m from Morocco. I have been a body builder and fitness trainer for 15 years now.
When I was young, my elder brother never liked me playing football with the other kids because they didn’t have good sportsmanship – the football games would always end up in a fight. That is why I looked at joining other sports such as Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Karate and Taekwondo where I got the yellow belt.
I started my body building career when I was in high school. My elder brother was the body building coach for the Moroccan National Team so I would always go with him to the gym. He helped me and coached me until I got certified to be a player and a coach. I later went on to competing in Morocco and the Middle East.
I have been body building ever since and I love it because it doesn’t just benefit me physically, but mentally and socially as well.
  • Coach C2-i
  • Morroco
  • Arabic - English - French